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An extraordinary family story

The Allegrini name is synonymous in winemaking with passion, foresight, and quality and represents inimitable Italian quality throughout the world. In 2001, Marilisa Allegrini and her brother Walter were looking for something beyond Valpolicella and had always been in love with Bolgheri, where they decided to purchase some land and put down roots in one the most prestigious wine production areas. And so, Poggio al Tesoro came to be. 

“My brother Walter was a one-of-a-kind farmer. He was deeply attached to his native land, Valpolicella. He knew everything about it: the vineyard plots, the weather variations, how to catch crayfish with his hands. He also knew how to dream of new adventures, beyond known boundaries and horizons. Our adventure began in 2001 with the discovery of land in Tuscany for which we travelled far and wide in search of a fruitful investment, without betraying the spirit and tradition of being "down to earth" winemakers. He called it "Tuscan shopping", but there was nothing hedonistic about it: we looked, we studied, and we tried to understand and imagine its future. In the end, emotion was victorious. And this emotion had a name: Bolgheri. Walter did not hesitate: he was impressed by the great names in wine who had established wineries here, by the Viale dei Cipressi which he adored, by the proximity of the sea, by the profound soil diversity, by the good climate, he said, for making red wines of "great character and elegance”. We were done looking. We found our treasure, Poggio al Tesoro.”


Marilisa Allegrini


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The Land of Bolgheri

The area of Bolgheri flourished in the splendour of ancient Etruscan civilization and is celebrated by the artistic poetry of Giosuè Carducci. Today, it is a must-see destination for all who love wine and the traditional Mediterranean landscape: cork oaks, strawberry trees, umbrella pines, migratory bird sanctuaries, and forests that gently slope down towards the sea. It is a truly natural oasis where grapevines and olive trees play a central role.


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Between sea and hills

Bolgheri’s uniqueness comes from complex factors, including its close proximity to the sea and hills which protect the winery’s eastern flanks. Poggio al Tesoro is like a treasure chest, perched between the sea and the hills, and benefits from the unique characteristics of this area. Winters are mild and summer lasts until October. Continuous ventilation refreshes the air even in the hottest months, promoting the health of the grapes. Long, sunny days contribute to the structure of Poggio al Tesoro’s wines. The fundamental component that makes this territory unique is sunlight, which is strong and bright throughout the year: the sun’s reflection on the sea surface is the secret to the grapes’ optimal phenolic maturation.


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Where uncontaminated nature still reigns

Bolgheri is a Tuscan jewel where uncontaminated nature extends for kilometres of rolling hills and expansive white beaches dotted with small unexplored coves. At Poggio al Tesoro, we champion a harmonious connection with nature and its pure and powerful biodiversity.


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