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The Land of Bolgheri

For those who spend time in Bolgheri, It is immediately apparent that this is no ordinary place and not flat land. A walk among its celebrated roads, like the legendary Viale dei Cipressi or the picturesque Strada Bolgherese, gives way to an undulating landscape with terraces, cliffs, and eastern slopes that gently descend towards the sea. This is where a remarkable winemaking adventure began, and in just a few decades the area is producing wines that are celebrated, sought after, and coveted. Bolgheri is a magical place which gives meaning to human effort while also generously rewarding even the smallest achievements. 

In harmony with the Sea

Like many of the great winemaking areas, there’s something extraordinary about Bolgheri. Its uniqueness has been brought about by complex factors such as its proximity to the sea, constant ventilation reinforced by sea breezes, and soil variety. Another important component that makes this territory unique is represented by sunlight, strong and bright throughout the year. The sun’s reflection off the sea is the secret to optimal phenolic maturation of the grapes, which arrive in the wine cellar after harvest with robust, silky tannins.

The scent of the Air

A sensation of the air never being still is immediately apparent in Bolgheri. Even on the most peaceful days, there’s a feeling of something enveloping you and carrying you through the streets, through the vineyards, and up to the entrance of the wineries.

A breeze or wind in Bolgheri is constantly present because it is driven by different sources. The most important, because it is continuous and steadfast, is the sea with its nocturnal and diurnal breezes. This alternation of daytime heat and cool nights is providential for the vines because it allows the grapes to concentrate aromas in the most elegant and balanced way.