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Our Estate

Since their debut, Poggio al Tesoro’s wines have earned international acclaim from consumers and critics alike.

A deep-rooted family passion

In 2001, Marilisa Allegrini and her brother Walter were motivated by the challenge of a new project, separate from their beloved Valpolicella, set out in search of something extraordinary. They immediately fell in love with Bolgheri, its beauty, and its great potential. Their story is one of dedication and respect for the environment, and now also includes Marilisa's daughters, Carlotta and Caterina. Alongside their mother, and in honour of their beloved uncle, they carry this incredible project at Poggio al Tesoro forward and contribute to making it one of the most dynamic and significant wineries in Bolgheri.

Our responsability

Poggio al Tesoro is a place of rare beauty and also an ethical and responsible space. We live in an era of great change, in which human omnipotence is challenged by our own limitations. In this evolving world in which we are called to slow down, the wines of Poggio al Tesoro originate from a synergy with the land, and they are the maximum expression of respect and attention to sustainability in the vineyard and in the cellar. These wines are capable of restoring humans in their rightful place in their relationship with the world, with land, and with beauty itself.


Step by step

  • Discovering Bolgheri

  • Step by step

  • 29 April 2002

  • Dividing the property

  • Discovering Vermentino

  • Debut of Poggio al Tesoro’s wines

  • Vermentino’s Debut

  • Nature at the heart of everything

  • Equalitas certification

  • Poggio al Tesoro today

Discovering Bolgheri

What drives a winemaker strongly rooted in one’s territory with an affectionate lifetime attachment to its historic grape varieties, to leave home and look for another area to cultivate and be tempted by new vines? A rational and definitive answer does not exist. But one fine day in 2001, ambition and audacity encouraged Marilisa and Walter towards a new challenge. There were many discussions, but only one destination: Tuscany. After looking far and wide, getting to know the terrain and marveling at its beauty, they were madly in love with Bolgheri. The exceptional value of the area, coupled with their experience, rendered the promise they made to each other possible.

Step by step

The first purchase took place in 2001, consisting of 11 hectares which extend along the Strada delle Sondraie up to the Fossa Camilla. Enchanted by the Strada Bolgherese, and mostly by the great variety of soils compared to the clayey ones of the Sondraie, Walter and Marilisa bought a beautiful 7-hectare farm on which the evocative little church of San Giuseppe stands. The third purchase was another 7-hectare plot 100 metres away, called Via Bolgherese: a 3.5-hectare vineyard planted in 1994 with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. An already planted plot would allow them to move production times forward and, most importantly, to carefully study soil differentiations to allocate clones and the most suitable varietals for each terrain. However, this was not enough. Some small-scale farmers around Sondraie decided to divest their properties and sell them to the Allegrini family. And so, in just a short amount of time, a prime estate came together.

29 April 2002

POGGIO AL TESORO is founded.

Dividing the property

The estate's vineyard planting agenda began in 2003 and includes a selection of grape varietals and rootstocks which have been heavily influenced by the soil and environmental characteristics of Poggio al Tesoro’s different areas. The property was meticulously divided into parcels to enhance the unique characteristics of each sub-area, with sandy soils rich in fossils selected for the cultivation of vines that express concentration and power, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and particularly Cabernet Franc. While vines such as Merlot have been planted in clayey and mineral-rich soils, in the search for elegance, aromas, and harmony.

A small production in 2003 was the first vintage from the vineyards of Via Bolgherese.

Discovering Vermentino

Marilisa adores white wines, but prefers them to be bold and rich in structure and minerality. With the help of the winery’s agronomist, she identified some Vermentino clones from Corsica to help her achieve her goal. This white varietal was added to the red grapes typical of the Bolgheri area of Le Sondraie.

Debut of Poggio al Tesoro’s wines

Two products from the first year of production, 2003, were released on the market:

Sondraia: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, which is identified as the Company's signature wine, and a very small production of a single varietal wine made with 100% Cabernet Franc which Marilisa decided to dedicate to her brother Walter, who passed away unexpectedly in 2003.

Vermentino’s Debut

Given the name Solosole because the wine’s organoleptic characteristics and structure are the result of the grapes’ perfect ripening thanks to the sun.

Nature at the heart of everything

Since 2014, Poggio al Tesoro has adhered to a strict protocol that puts sustainability at the forefront. Protecting the environment is a one-way street and it is with this spirit that we respect the vines’ equilibrium, each and every day, so that their fruits can express their full potential in an uncontaminated ecosystem. This ethical and sustainable approach is reflected in all our choices: from agricultural practices such as cover crops and selective pruning that bring organic fertilisation and vital fertility to the soil, to very low production per acre, differentiated pruning, nocturnal harvesting, and optimising consumption in the vineyard and in the cellar. The goal is to obtain high-quality wines while respecting the balance and power of the earth.

Equalitas certification

Poggio al Tesoro obtains the Equalitas certification which rewards the achievement of the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social.

Poggio al Tesoro today

Poggio al Tesoro celebrates twenty years of operation with 64 hectares in 4 different areas around Bolgheri. A significant goal in the winery’s constantly evolving journey includes around 30 of those hectares to be planted with vineyards. The company's philosophy is highlighted by great attention to the environment, biodiversity, and soil care, and observing stringent sustainable methods for all production processes, from the vineyard to the cellar. Experimentation, audacity, and an avant-garde approach are the cornerstones that have always distinguished the winery and will always do so.

The Wine Cellar.
A place of peace

The wine cellar at Poggio al Tesoro is the beating heart of the winery and a place of peace and meditation at the same time. It is efficient, functional, simple, and constructed to achieve the highest quality results rather than to impress. The steel tanks used for vinification keep the aromas and qualities of each variety intact. Separate spaces for the barriques have been designed to keep the wines at different temperatures, to encourage fermentation, and to ensure perfect ageing for Poggio al Tesoro’s red wines. Experimentation during vinification using amphorae and terracotta vessels began during the 2016 harvest on a selection of Solosole and Cassiopea. This material bestows a beautiful structure to the wine, very delicately and without affecting tannins and aromas, and is a fundamental step to the ever-more identifying characteristics of our signature style. A wine cellar is a magnificent place, in our opinion; it’s one of peace, silence, and meditation, and encourages us to be patient.

Peace. Silence. Calm.