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Poggio al Tesoro is Bolgheri, it is pure beauty, it is sacred terrain. It is generous people who work the land. It’s food, high-quality food. Bolgheri is hospitality, sea, sunlight, land, quality, and passion. Step by step, firsthand knowledge from the vineyard to the cellar and the tasting room will show you the passion and attention to detail we put into our wines.
We want to share an opportunity to experience the everyday magic of the vineyard. This is how our Salotto in Vigna came to be our appointed tasting area near the Fossa Camilla. It is a small oasis at the southernmost point of our Sondraie vineyard, surrounded by secular oaks, holm oaks, and cork oaks. Immersed in dense vegetation and enveloped by a gentle sea breeze, our guests can savour our wines at their point of origin.