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Ethics, Sustainability, and Equality form the essence of Poggio al Tesoro's identity. They are the fundamental principles which underpin our company's growth, culture, and relationships throughout our entire supply chain. We firmly believe that embodying these values will foster the development of a wine industry that is healthier, more equitable, and more robust. It is a legacy we aspire to leave for future generations.


In our pursuit of crafting wines of the utmost quality, we are dedicated to preserving the environment in which we operate and enriching our surrounding community. We place great emphasis on the human capital that engages with us to ensure utmost respect. Recognizing the need to challenge outdated stereotypes and unnecessary prejudices, we are committed to promoting gender equality through a comprehensive equal opportunity system. The significant representation of women, coupled with robust female leadership, serves as a testament to our commitment to this approach.

Some of our best practices


  • We recycle and compost materials to reduce waste production.
  • We invest resources in staff training, emphasizing the transfer of sustainable  practices.
  • We guarantee fair wages and uphold the rights of our employees, irrespective of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • We actively seek to create job opportunities for individuals facing difficulties and challenges.
  • In our commitment to enhancing product quality, we implement strategies that safeguard the environment and its bountiful resources.

In 2021, we initiated a certification process with Equalitas, a voluntary standard that attests to the sustainability of our wine. Furthermore, we secured BRCGS certification, a prestigious recognition for achieving the highest standards in safe, quality production. This global recognition highlights our unwavering dedication to best practices, positioning them as a fundamental pillar in the creation of exceptional products.

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