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Wine Stories


Ripening of the shoots

Today we will talk about the “Ripening of the shoots” or for the technical people “Agostamento”, this is a phase where we have the change in colour of the branches   is the consequent change of colour of the branches that are starting to lignify.




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Veraison of grapes

Veraison of grapes. It's almost harvest time!



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The green harvest

The green harvest, an important moment of preparation for the real harvest.


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Fruit set

Fruit set: the channel from flower to fruit.



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The flowering

The flowering of the vine: precious shoots among the vineyards of Poggio al Tesoro


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2002 - 2012: 10 years of passion, perfumes and love for this land and its fruits

Poggio al Tesoro is told, not only through the eyes of those who gave birth to this company, but also of those who have made it "Great" day after day  from the inside and of those who have seen it from the outside grow and establish itself first in the area, and then in the national and international wine scene.


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