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Toscana Rosato I.G.T.

Cabernet Franc 70%, Merlot 30%


Cassiopea revives the tradition of great rosés from this area, which are well-known for their extraordinary savoury hints and freshness. It has the colour and intensity of Bolgheri’s summer sunsets and bears the name of the constellation that lights up the skies above the estate of Poggio al Tesoro.

Climate Trend


The 2023 vintage was a complex but at the same time very fascinating vintage. In our vineyards the vines followed a regular, if not excellent, trend.

There was a return to the harvest rhythms of the past, without the rush of having to chase the accelerated ripening caused by high temperatures.

The first months of the year were much milder than normal. With the end of April, however, everything changed. We had several disturbances that lasted until the beginning of June. It can be said that it was definitely a very rainy spring, with a summer that struggled to get started and which only definitively established itself in the last days of June. What arrived was a very hot summer which lasted until the second fortnight of August.

The rains at the end of the month were the winning weapon of this vintage and allowed us to achieve perfect ripeness and harvest the grapes at their maximum splendor. The 2023 harvest was enjoyed, breathed, in which the ripening of the different varieties followed one after the other at the right pace, seeing us busy for more than 40 days. The grapes brought to the cellar are healthy, lush, with a good concentration and with an adequate sugar level. We expect elegance, power and intense aromas.

grape varieties

grape varieties

Cabernet Franc 70%, Merlot 30%

soil characteristic

vineyard location

Le Sondraie, 5 hectares (12.35 acres)



750 ml • 1,5 L • 3 L


Soft pressing of whole grapes


In stainless steel on fine lees, at least 1 month of bottle ageing


In temperature controlled stainless steel tanks

malolactic fermentation


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