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Cassiopea Pagus Cerbaia

Pagus Cerbaia

Cassiopea Pagus Cerbaia

Rosato Bolgheri D.O.C.

Syrah 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 50%


Production of rosé wines in Bolgheri goes back to ancient times. Starting with Cassiopea, rosé production at Poggio al Tesoro is now extended with Pagus Cerbaia, a small but precious parcel of land with sedimentary soils. Here, our special selection of red grapes, such as Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, are partly fermented in amphorae and partly in oak casks. The wine offers a delicate aroma and a lively, crisp, and joyful palate, yielding exactly what we were looking for: a persistent spicy note and a naturally rounded mouthfeel.

Climate Trend


Another vintage worth remembering, described by many as one of the earliest harvests in Bolgheri. After a rather mild winter, albeit affected by abundant rainfall, spring was marked by average rainfall and encouraged uniform growth of the shoots, which had already appeared in early March. Summer was breezy and dry with some refreshing rainfall at the beginning of September, which allowed the grapes to ripen in perfect health. During the pre-harvest period, high-temperature variations between day and night favoured phenolic and aromatic maturation, keeping the acidity high. The 2016 vintage promises intriguing wines with distinct varietal characteristics, with good structure and great ageing prospects.

grape varieties

grape varieties

Syrah 50%, Cabernet Sauvignon 50%

soil characteristic

vineyard location

Selection of grapes from the Valle di Cerbaia vineyard



750 ml • 1,5 L


In terracotta amphorae and french oak barrels with light maceration


Fermentation and ageing takes place 80% in terracotta amphorae and 20% in oak barrels (no steel). Blending and a few months bottle ageing.

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