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Bolgheri Rosato DOC

Cabernet Franc 70%, Merlot 30%


Cassiopea revives the tradition of great rosés from this area, which are well-known for their extraordinary savoury hints and freshness. It has the colour and intensity of Bolgheri’s summer sunsets and bears the name of the constellation that lights up the skies above the estate of Poggio al Tesoro.

Climate Trend


The 2012 vintage began with a cold and relatively rainy spring. Excessive rainfall can put even the most experienced winemaker in difficulty during the period when vegetative growth is rapid and important. Careful management of the vineyard allowed us to keep the quality of the grapes and the health of the vines intact. In this area, known for early crops, there was no shortage of spring frosts which contributed to lower production yields. Fortunately, the hot and dry summer did not bring scorching temperatures with it, as it would certainly have compromised the quality of the vines and the grapes. Accurate emergency irrigation made it possible to keep all the vineyards dynamic and make it to September without any water stress. A temperature drop and some light rainfall at the beginning of September perfected the vintage, resulting in fine and elegant wines.

grape varieties

grape varieties

Cabernet Franc 70%, Merlot 30%

soil characteristic

vineyard location

Le Sondraie, 5 hectares (12.35 acres)


5th -6th September



750 ml • 1,5 L • 3 L


Soft pressing of whole grapes


In stainless steel on fine lees, at least 1 month of bottle ageing


In temperature controlled stainless steel tanks

malolactic fermentation


Honors and Awards