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Petit Manseng Toscana I.G.T. Passito

Petit Manseng 100%


Teos, the ancient Greek city dedicated to Dionysus, is the name of this sweet wine by Poggio al Tesoro. Allegrini’s expertise in the appassimento technique has inspired the creation of this Petit Manseng made with partially dried grapes. Teos has an enveloping sweetness that combines satisfying acidity with a deep golden hue, aromas of ripe fruit, jam and honey

Climate Trend


2015 is considered one of Bolgheri’s greatest years. A significantly rainy winter allowed the vines to absorb water in the spring, leading to uniform and luxuriant budding that lasted until the beginning of June. The particularly favourable climatic conditions during the summer ensured regular development of all of the subsequent phenological phases, from fruit set to maturation. Considerable heat in July was mitigated by some providential storms; while a sunny and fairly windy August allowed the grapes to reach ideal phenolic ripeness. The harvest, which began on August 31st and ended on October 7th, was facilitated by numerous sunny days interspersed with sporadic rainfall. This is a memorable vintage with wines that boast good balance, great structure, and intense aromas.

grape varieties

grape varieties

Petit Manseng 100%

soil characteristic

vineyard location

Le Sondraie vineyard


4 kg of grapes per crate. The appassimento process lasts about 1 month. Manual harvesting is carried out in early September and the grapes are laid out in crates for appassimento.



500 ml


Soft pressing of whole grapes and cold maceration for 1 night prior to fermentation


In barriques for about 12 months


In french oak tonneaux at a controlled temperature

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