Poggio al Tesoro - Harvest Diary 2022


HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 3 2 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO How would you describe the 2022 vintage? “Amazing” - Roberto Ioele, Cellar Manager “Unexpected” - Christian Coco, Winemaker

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 5 4 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 2022 Harvest is a crop under the sign of Respect. From a climatic point of view, it was a complex year. The big and constant heat and prolonged drought have created many headaches in the management of screws, but with attention and determination we managed to secure the conditions for a regular and correct maturation. The rains at the end of August contributed to a natural realignment of the main values and allowed to postpone the beginning of what appeared to be an early harvest; due to the different variety of our vines and their respective ages of maturation we had a strong commitment that lasted more than a month which concerned taking the grapes to the cellar. The grapes were healthy, with a good degree of ripeness and excellent flavour, musts are fermenting regularly and the aromas you breathe in the cellar are fresh and fruity, the flavour in the tastings is full and complex, there is great curiosity, and we are all waiting for the final result, our hopes look good. The winemaker’s view

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 7 6 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO Our second selection Soft pressing

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 9 8 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO Christian Coco and his first vintage at Poggio al Tesoro Christian Coco, since 2022 winemaker and key figure in our reality: Londoner of birth and Tuscan by adoption, born in 1980, after his classic studies, he undertakes his studies of viticulture and oenology at the University of Pisa. His career path begins in Capalbio, at the estate Monteti. The entrance at Poggio al Tesoro, has represented to him a turning point and a great change, he handles many more labels vs. his previous experience. His secret: he has worked every wine like if it was the only one of the winery. He told us that it was all much easier as he found skilled and experienced people at Poggio al Tesoro, adding that “- in the world of wine, the human context and reciprocal help are fundamental things. There are people who think that the wine is done with a recipe, while a very good wine is done considering the mix of climate, nature, and man: nature must give you the raw material, the climate must ensure a correct maturation, man must transform the fruit in wine and accompany it towards those oenological objectives that the company has it is pre-set. A harmonious, elegant wine, refined, can only be obtained from an environment in which we can find all these adjectives. Christian continues talking about the 2022 harvest as one of the most complex made throughout his career. Complex because the vintage was “split” completely in half: “- at first, we thought it was one harvest in line with those of recent years, i.e. hot and dry summers, so we worked in the vineyard to prepare ourselves to face this shortage of water and coolness (conditions that help plants reach their complete maturation), however, at the end of August we were taken by surprise by a period of high rainfall which resulted in longer waiting times in order to start the harvest. As a conclusion, using the words of our winemaker with a quote: “this weatherrelated circumstances created the conditions for it to be a vintage “very Bordeaux”: complex and interesting both in terms of structures and aromas.

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 11 10 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO Christian Coco, your 2022 challenge? My answer will be the management of the tannin. The 2022 vintage was a challenging vintage, from several points of view; certainly the hot and dry summer and the rainy autumn were some of the indomitable elements. With these climatic conditions it is always difficult to predict how grapes will develop and how the natural tannins will ripen. It is essential to understand when to harvest, once the moment has been identified, work must be done from a point of view of macerations and extractions to maximize the tannin, preserving nature.

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 13 12 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO The agronomist words Can you tell us more about your experience from an agronomist point of view for the harvest 2022? Like all vintages, the 2022 it was very special. Not easy, nor difficult, but careful management. It has been characterized from a seasonal course extremely dry, but thanks to our deep soils and clayey, able to maintain humidity, which can then be issued in case of need, we managed to cope well following water vine needs. Our vineyards have important root systems, even two meters, two and a half meters, able to reach groundwater present in depth. At Poggio al Tesoro the management of water is done with a careful approach, fully respecting sustainability: our interest is to rescue, without wasting the resources at our disposal. We are able to withdraw from the wells, present in ours properties, small quantities of water that we use to cool the systems with sprinkler irrigation. Despite the vintage characterized by higher temperatures than the seasonal averages, the screws followed the phenological phases correctly and peacefully during the season, from the first budding to flowering, veraison and maturation. All our grapes entered the cellar healthy, despite in the last stage from 10th to 15th of August, we have witnessed several days of rain. We have guided the harvest dedicating individual days to single varieties, anticipating some days the early varieties such as Syrah and Merlot, and postponing the late, such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon or Petit Verdot which, depending on typology have received more or less rainwater. It has been a fairly long harvest, which has begun on August 17th and finished on September 24th. Over 40 days of harvest. In addition to the small, related precautions to irrigation, we are committed to carry forward a series of alternative activities to cope with the highs temperatures: the application of kaolin, which lowers the vineyard temperature of about 2 or 3 degrees; the coverage of the land, which protects the soul of the vines, the roots; grassing, a form of soil protection; the green manure, an agronomic practice which, in addition to bringing organic substance, is also an important form of soil protection.

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 15 14 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO Bolgheri 2022, our harvest 23 employees 25 contract operators 70hectares of vineyards in Castagneto Carducci and Bibbona

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 17 16 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO SopraStrada Chiesina San Giuseppe 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 SopraStrada Via Bolgherese Le Sondraie Valle di Cerbaia Our plots : diversification and uniqueness are factors of difference

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 19 18 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO Le Sondraie, with its 53 hectares, it is the largest plot of the estate. Here they are two types of soils, clayey-sandy and sandy-pebbly, the vines are trained in part with the Guyot system and partly in Spurred Cordon. On this estate farm we have vineyards with sixths of plant larger than the “Via Bolgherese” vineyards and for this reason we have the chance to chance to work with tractors and machinery more effectively. Harvest at “Le Sondraie” During the harvest and early in the morning the countryside works following cellar needs, if we work early, the grapes arrive promptly in the cellar, which means that in the cellar they finish earlier. If we leave early in the morning, they end up in the cellar earlier in the evening because the grapes arrive on time. From these little details, you can see what is behind Poggio al Tesoro working environment: great respect and collaboration, a great sense of ethic from people that love working in team, the soil and have great esteem for each other. How do you do the sampling? The grapes, in the period before the harvest, are collected in a homogeneous way. We collect approximately three kg of grapes out of a total of 60 quintals of product. Choosing a sample is never easy, but there are precise techniques to follow: we must always make samples in the same rows, start early in season, and see how their maturation continues. The sampling, therefore, is not only done in the final phase of the harvest, but throughout the maturation process. To analyse a sample, we take a half bunch grain on each side (example one in the sun and one in the shade), for a total of about 300/400 grains. These are sent in the laboratory to obtain specific results: acidity, ph., sugars, the possible alcohol content. All values that help the winemaker and the agronomist to decide the best time to go into harvest: this phase is an important action during the harvest. In addition to laboratory analysis done with the help of technology, we must always remember the value and importance of the work done by people: tasting, the experience, these elements are fundamental and essential in this decisionmaking process. The harvest at The Sondraie began on 17th of August with the Rosé for instance the Syrah and the Cabernet Franc followed by Merlot, and then continue with the Vermentino. Sampling


HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 23 22 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO Above-the-road - CHIESINA DI SAN GIUSEPPE This plot has an area of 7 hectares and is located next to the vineyard of Via Bolgherese. It is characterized by clays loose and pebbly sands. Was planted for 3.5 hectares in 2005 and for 1 hectare in 2010 and completed in 2014. It has a planting density of 8.928 plants per hectare. The land of the vineyards of Via Bolgherese e Chiesina San Giuseppe are ideal for cultivation of those vines that exalt themselves with prolonged maturation and produce wellstructured and very fragrant wines. Harvest in Via Bolgherese vineyards Above the road– VIA BOLGHERESE The vineyard, located on the east side (above the road) of the Via Bolgherese with an area of around 7 hectares, 3 of which implanted in 1994, using the system of the spurred cordon, with a density of 10,000 vines per hectare. The remaining 3 hectares were planted in 2016 in the part of the land closest to the forest, with a planting density of 8928 vines per hectare. The soil consists of sands coarse deep red, rich skeleton, with good clay content at a depth of 120 cm. The presence of 8-10% limestone guarantees an alkaline pH which allows to develop intense perfumes. Drainage is excellent, without stagnation surface water.

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 25 24 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO The story tells us that until the 1970s the lands “SopraStrada” “Above the Road”, at the foot of the metalifers hills were used for humblest crops, in fact were considered barren land, poor and therefore, suitable only for sole cultivation of wheat and olive trees. Only from the years 80s, when the first vines were planted, it came out the real potential of these lands. Today they are considered the most prestigious land in the area of Bolgheri, characterized by sands coarse and rich in skeleton, which ensure an excellent drainage. Poggio al Tesoro has two vineyards located here: the vineyard of “Chiesina di San Giuseppe” and the vineyard of the “Via Bolgherese”. Being vineyards very precious, they have been designed with narrow implants (9-10 thousand screws for hectare), these vines need an attention even more meticulous. In the underground, the high planting density allows the roots to grow up next to each other so that they develop deeply. In this way they go beyond the clayey layer, going to enjoy the richest part in minerals. The Poggio al Tesoro style always comprehends the harvest done manually, these grapes are stored in small boxes of maximum 5 kg, followed by a manual transportation to the collection point. The location of these vineyards reveals itself particularly advantageous also from a climatic point of view. The hills, surrounding the vines give shade and shelter from winds such as the “tramontana” and the north-east wind that they blow respectively from north Harvest of Via Bolgherese vineyards and northeast. The olive trees that unite and alternate to screw, as well as leading biodiversity and wealth in the vineyard, protect our vines from the sea winds, while the wood, with which we border, gives us greater porosity. Furthermore, despite being only 5 km away, from the weather huts present both in the vineyard of via Bolgherese and at Le Sondraie, we have notice that on the Via Bolgherese one we tend to have 50 to 80 mm of more rain. We therefore have higher humidity, also due to the lower presence of ventilation which greatly benefits us in the summer season where, even in the warmest periods we manage to have a constant morning dew, but what on the other hand it exposes us to a greater risk of fungal diseases. One more time, with love and attention, we stimulate the vines with brown algae, medical herbs, and other natural and biological practices so that they can produce autonomously the necessary natural selfprotection substances. These loving (and almost obsessive) care that we put, offers us healthy, concentrated and rich grapes of minerals that give us wines of the same value, with a unique aromatic compartment.

DIARIO DELLA VENDEMMIA 2022 | ALLEGRINI Hospitality has always been a crucial point for Poggio al Tesoro. In anxious anticipation of the Guest House, that is being born in the heart of our vineyards on via Bolgherese, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to offer to our visitors the possibility to breathe the magic atmosphere that the vineyard gives us every day. Hence, with this idea in mind, we came out with “Salotto in Vigna”, an area fully equipped for tasting positioned near the Fossa Camilla. A small oasis of peace, located in the most south part of our vineyard of Le Sondraie, surrounded by oaks Hospitality at Poggio al Tesoro centuries-old, holm oaks and cork oaks, from one side, and olive groves on the other, you arrive passing through rows of vines, where the rainbow of perfumes and natural colours are the masters. Our tour&tasting is designed as an itinerant route that starts from the historic vineyard of the Chiesina di San Giuseppe, where Walter and Marilisa planted the own Bolgheri roots at the end of 2001. Then, under the imposing Oak Dedicated to Walter alle Sondraie, near the sea, surrounded by beautiful vineyards, it’s easy to understand like the skilled hands of Franco and all the country boys take care of our grapes. Thus, we arrive at the Salotto in Vigna. Immersed in the dense vegetation and cradled by the sea breeze, always present in that area, our guests can taste our wines, symbol of a truly unique terroir which, savoured where they are born, best express the own characteristics of uniqueness, character and aroma. Together and always present, our guests will have the chance to taste our “Unione”, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, maximum expression of the bond that unites these two plants which, alternate in the vineyard, going to conform the typical Tuscan field structure in the Bolgheri area.

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 29 28 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO “Heartfelt thanks for welcoming us into this pristine corner of beauty, passion, and quality: an unforgettable experience” - Luca, Sommelier from Amalfi “If someone ask me for the best one Wine tasting in Bolgheri, I recommend Poggio al Tesoro and its experience!” - Timo from Netherlands “We had a fantastic time and it was even better than expected” - Kyle from Switzerland “Magical location and amazing wines, the all accompanied by passion and professionalism” - Silvia from Turin

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 31 30 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO At the end of the harvest, Poggio al Tesoro Dedicato a Walter will be released with the new vintage 2018. It is one of the rare pure Cabernet Francs of Bolgheri and of Italy. The terroir of area, the proximity to the sea, the conditions of brightness definitely favourable, are all elements that contribute to the birth of Poggio al Tesoro Dedicato a Walter. In this microclimate, the vine enhances its spicy notes and acquires elegance and depth. «For me this wine represents a deep bond with my brother Walter which, contributed greatly to the success of this company and believed strongly in Bolgheri’s dream.» cit. Marilisa Allegrini. Sneak preview

HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO 33 32 HARVEST DIARY 2022 | POGGIO AL TESORO New LOOK for Cassiopea 2022 “Rosé 2022 is the mirror of the season: Merlot, harvested very in advance, is rich after hot and dry months, while the Cabernet Franc, like the other late varieties, it has benefited from the late August rains they have rebalanced the maturation process. The result? A wine characterized by a pleasant fragrant mix of fruit and a structure supported by great freshness and excellent acidity.” Winemaker Christian Coco Variety: 70% Cabernet Franc-30% Merlot . New design We decided to highlight the starry sky of the Bolgheri nights, enclosed in a shaped sphere in the centre of which the constellation stands out Cassiopeia. Elegant, fresh, and bright, like the stars. The label is made in precious cotton paper. Range consistency The new design deliberately follows the design of our Vermentino Solosole, with the aim of creating greater continuity between the whites and rosés of Poggio al Tesoro, giving them a precise identity in terms of positioning. Sneak preview